Jobs and Skills Exchange

Why is the JSE here? 

The People Matter Survey shows that movement of employees between public service organisations is relatively low and some employees are more likely to leave the public service to build their careers. 

What does it mean for hiring managers? 

Hiring and recruitment managers are now able to list job opportunities on the platform using existing HR processes. From late 2019, all job opportunities will be required to be listed exclusively on the platform for a set period of time. Staff will be provided with priority access to jobs before they are advertised externally. 

What does it mean for staff?

The JSE brings together both externally advertised jobs and roles that were previously only advertised on department intranets or the VPS Hub. From late 2019, staff will enjoy unprecedented visibility of, and priority access to, all job opportunities across the VPS before they are advertised externally. 

Can fixed-term and casual staff access opportunities?

Yes. Fixed term and casual staff can create an account with the JSE and access career development opportunities for the duration of their employment. 

Recognition of skills

The JSE will pursue micro-credentialing—the process of formally recognising the existing and newly-obtained skills of staff. The JSE will also work with educational providers to leverage knowledge and geographical networks to develop and deliver contemporary training and skills that will support workforce development.

Who will see my information? 

The information provided by you when you register on the digital platform may be accessed by JSE staff who work for the Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Victorian Public Sector Commission, as both operate the platform. Personal information that is collected by the platform will be used by and disclosed to Victorian Government employees or contractors whose duties require them to use it. 

Jobs and Skills Exchange