About Us

Updated 1 year ago

CPSU, The Community and Public Sector Union, is a product of the amalgamation of the State Public Services Federation, the largest union covering state government employees in Australia, and the Public Sector Union, the former union for federal government employees.

CPSU is a registered organisation under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009. Our rules and activities are subject to that legislation.

The union is divided into two groups:

  • The SPSF (State Public Services Federation) Group
  • The PSU (Public Sector Union) Group

The two groups still operate as separate organisations, each having its own office bearers, office facilities and employees, and offering separate services to the respective memberships.

The SPSF Group is divided into State Branches. Each Branch has wide representation rights in relation to state government employees. The union has some coverage in the private sector, and in some states, workers also in the Higher Education and Health sectors.

About Us